ez-SourceDocx is a web application portal that enables capturing of eSource data and eCRF data.
ez-PRO is a Patient Reported Outcome (or eCOA) system to capture data from patient diaries and wearable devices.
Study Designer
Study Designer is a system to set-up and configure the study database. It also provides study staff with insights into the performance of sites.
ez-Informed Consent
ez-InformedConsent is an electronic Informed Consent system designed to educate patients about the benefits and risks of participating in a clinical trial.



Alpha Clinical Systems (ACS) Inc. offers ACS 360, a comprehensive cloud-based eSource solution platform for the global clinical trial market.

ACS 360 Product Suite:

  • eSource Suite

    • ez-SourceDocx (eSource data capture system for the sites)
    • ez-SourceLite (Tablet ‘App’ that allows eSource and eCRF data to be captured offline/online)
    • Study Designer ( Study set-up and eSource/eCRF designer)
    • Study Monitor (ODM Generator/Integrated with vendor EDC systems)
    • ez-DIMS (Drug Inventory Management System)
  • ez-PRO (electronic Patient Reported Outcome)
  • ez-Informed Consent (Electronic Informed Consent)

ACS 360’s integrated eSource platform is designed for ease of use by primary Investigators and their site staff.

Our technology enables:
  • Paperless clinical trial eSource data capturing
  • Capturing clean data (with edit checks)
  • Subject scheduling and unexpected visit handling
  • Recruiting and enrollment through final evaluation
  • Site level enrollment data visualization and analytics
  • AE/SAE data capturing
  • Site-Level document management
Benefits of ACS 360 cloud integrated platform:
  • Flexible, scalable and configurable
  • Rapid database build during study start-up
  • Built-in edit checks yielding high quality data
  • Real-time data availability for Monitors/Sponsors
  • Remote monitoring (with vendor EDC integration)
  • Reduced site visits (saves time and cost)
  • Faster data lock (saves time and cost)
With integration of EMR/EHR systems and vendor EDC systems, our eSource platform is complete end to end solution for Sponsors and CROs.