Title Sr. Software Engineer – Cloud Technologies
Job Information

Our company is looking for a Technical Lead/ Software Engineer who will be performing following roles and responsibilities: Develop application and services using Java/J2EE technologies. Implement Factory and Singleton design patterns in Spring business components. Develop a business logic using J2EE and hybrid technologies. Build front end components using JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, Json, CSS. Build Mobile Apps using Ionic and ReactJS. Consume Web services to get the product data using WSDL, REST, SOAP. To coordinate with other software professionals and developers. Evaluate and research the products and technologies related to software. Experience in Azure Blob Storage and Azure DevOps, AWS DevOps, C#, .Net, Java/J2EE, SQL Server, MVC, AKS, Azure DevOps.  Strong Hands-on experience in developing bigdata applications using Apache Spark, Pyspark, Azure Data Bricks, Azure Data Factory and Python etc.
Minimum Requirements Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/ Information Technology or closely related field. 40 hr wk. M-F. Please mail the resume at Alpha Clinical Systems, Inc. JOB# 5_0321, 15 Corporate Place South, Suite#420, Piscataway, NJ 08854.