Title Quality Analyst
Start Date2018-06-13
Job Information


Our company is currently seeking a Quality Analyst who will be Working on Continuous Delivery workflow and Release Management Activities using automation technologies. Working on Code Migration with monitoring participation in different environment such as  Development, Development Integration, QA functional, QA regression, QA performance. Manage activities for GIT,  Bit Bucket, Jenkins, Nexus Repository and related plugin for reporting. Assisting  to develop UNIX script for automation task and migration of code to distributed version control system. Manage and attain leadership meetings as well as discussion with multiple teams to come to a consensus. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a closely related field with 1 year of experience in job offered is required. Work location: Piscataway, NJ. Please send your resume to Alpha Clinical Systems, Inc JOBID#QA001, 15 Corporate Place South, Suite#420, Pisctaway, NJ 08854.